Meraki accepts a variety of works within the categories of Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, Scripts/Screenplays, Hybrid, Visual Art, and Visual Art Portfolio. Below are brief descriptions of each category.

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We accept both free verse and formal poetry. Long form poetry is welcome. Prose poetry and video poems should be submitted under the Hybrid Genres category. 


Our fiction category encompasses several genres, including realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, flash fiction, fantasy, and magical realism, among others.


Our nonfiction category mainly consists of personal essay and memoir. Pieces should and must be truthful in their entirety to be considered nonfiction. We DO NOT ACCEPT journalism pieces or academic essays as part of our nonfiction category. Film essays and photo essays should be submitted in the hybrid category.


Scripts and screenplays can be a variety of lengths, including standalone scenes, monologues, short films, and one or one act plays. Must be in standard script or screenplay format.

Hybrid Genres:

The hybrid genre category includes work of varying mediums. Pieces submitted to this category should take an unconventional approach to writing, whether by combining multiple pre-existing genres or creating a new one all together. Hybrid also includes, but is not limited to, film essay/poem, photo essay, new media writing, performance documentation, or some other hybrid of media, materials, structures, conventions, and forms. NOTE: We accept singer-songwriter compositions in this category as well, submitted in either audio (.mp3) or video (.mp4 format. 

Visual Art:

We accept a variety of work to our visual arts category, including paintings, drawings, photographs, sculptures, and more.

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